IGNOU Assignment Status, Marks and Results 2018

After taking admission in IGNOU University every student need to get their Assignments from nearest study centre or can download from online IGNOU website. As per IGNOU rules, all students have to compulsory write assignment which is given by university and they have to solve it and submit it to concerned study centre which is allotted to them before last or due date. If last date of submission is passed then your assignment may not accepted by centre in any circumstances.

We also tell you to all students that if you fail to submit your required assignment within given time duration then you will not permitted to attend upcoming Term End Examination conducted by IGNOU. Assignments have 30% weighted in your grade card and 70% weighted of examination (Theory and Practical).

You can also read Instructions about IGNOU Assignments, if you have any queries or question at the time of writing your assignments. Candidates can collect their programme assignment with our latest addition of IGNOU Assignment section. Candidates are advice to submit only new session assignments to study centre.

If you have submitted your Assignments to IGNOU Study Centre then now time for checking its marks and status at online. After submission of assignments, it goes to evaluation department in which IGNOU evaluators are start evaluation of each assignment solution. If only few days are passed then we advice to every students that please check your Assignment’s Marks and Status after three or four weeks. Here students can find their IGNOU assignment marks for session December 2017 and June 2018.

Click to Check IGNOU Assignment Status, Marks and Results

Once Evaluator has successfully evaluated your assignment then they will be upload your marks on IGNOU site and it can be seen by each student to get their report. You can get your Marks, Status, Grades and Results of your Assignments from here. Generally, Assignment marks updating and uploading within 40 days after submission to concerned study centre.

If you’re Marks or status is not uploaded yet by IGNOU then we request you please wait some more time and check again for new updates. Still your Assignment status or marks are not shown then you can contact us and we will help you to resolve your query and connect you to IGNOU Assignment evaluation centre to get answer of all questions. You can also visit IGNOU Study Centre to get updates regarding assignment marks and status.

70 thoughts on “IGNOU Assignment Status, Marks and Results 2018

    1. I have submitted my project in February 2017 but it is still not showing marks in my Assignments status, due to which my result is still pending.

      1. MPS Enrollment no is 166952849.i have submitted assignment in Mar but still not updated .Request update in grade card.

        1. I have submitted my assignment in March 2017 for MSO 01-02-03-04 It stands reached and in process.When Final grade marks will be declared 165428854

  1. Sir ,I have submitted my assignments on march 15, 2017. But status of submission is not shown . My enrollment no. is 161027351.

  2. Hi Sir Myself Sikander Patial Enrollment no 168347531 have submitted assignments in March 2017 but status is showing assignments not submitted,

  3. Sir I have submitted 6assignments in march 2017 but assignments results shows only 4 assignments Enrollment 156015648

  4. Sir, l’ve already submitted my assignments for June 2017 semester 1 in MEG Program but still it has not been updated in my result My Enrollment no. is 167316466.

  5. My enrolment no 157577195 MHD.I submitted all assignment but mhd1&mhd15not showing.please upload my assignment marks.

  6. Dear Sir, I am Yasir Ahmad Laway with Enrollment no. 167316455, Program MEG 1st Semester. My result was successfully updated for the aforesaid program (on June 21, 2017 ). But I am a bit worry because my Assignment Status and marks are not shown yet as I have already submitted my Assignments in all the four paper (MEG 1, 2, 3 and 4). Please help me and release my tense.
    Thanking in advance for your consideration sir.

  7. Dear sir, i am sr.sejal rathod with enrollment no.147818414, programme ba 3rd Semester. My assignment result (marks) and the term end result of sub-Acc-01 marks are not updated. pls do help me, because i need to go for the further studies.

    Thanking you.

  8. I have submitted my project in DEC. 2016. but it is still not showing marks in my Assignments status, due to which my result is still pending.

  9. sir i hav submitted assignment in march bt still its shows that assignment have not been submitted . enrollnmnt num 158176961

  10. My enrolment no is 157577195&programs code is MHD.I submitted my assignments already at my study centre.But assignment of MHD1&MHD15 marks not uploaded yet.MYterm end marks of MHD1,MHD2,MHD5,MHD7,MHD15,MHD16 not uploaded. I am in tention.please upload my assignment and term end marks early Thanking you.

  11. My M.P.S Enrolment no. is 167618946.I submitted my assignments in March at my study center.but assignments of MPS_002 marks not uploaded yet.
    My term end marks of MPS_004 not uploaded. I am in tension.

    Please upload my term end & assignments marks early . Thanking you.

  12. Sir my enrollment no is 146088912. My assignment marks of ACC 01 are not updated and term end marks of EHI 01 and ESO 15 are not updated till now. What is the delay. Pls confirm

  13. Sir I have submitted my mps 2nd assignment in march 2017 but its still not showing any update
    Please suggest a way to it find out

  14. Hello sir,I am IGNOU M.com 1st year student I have submitted all my assignments before due date but assignment status is showing only one subject I kindly request you to update my assignment marks completely for all the subjects .
    My study center is Government science college , Nrupatunga Road, Bangalore

  15. E.no 155838829.I have submitted my assignment of the 2 Iio year on 27th of March 2017. but not updated till the date.what is the reason? programme. MPS.

  16. I have submitted my assignment of subject bhda 101 on march 2017 but till now status is showing not submitted what is dis? This is happening second time to me. Plz give the solution of my problem

  17. Hello Sir,I am a student of Meg 1st year and submitted my assignment in the month of March.But still my assignment marks are not uploaded even when i checked it showed enrollment no. not found .Plz help me sir.my enrollment no is 166038071.

  18. Hello sir, I am a 1st year student of MEG my enrollment no is 166377410.I have submitted all assignment on the month of march bt till nw it has not been updated.It showing that your assignments are not found.Morever I have not got the result of meg 3 and 4 till now…
    I shall be highly grateful if u help me..

  19. Hello Sir , I am a student of 1st yr MPA recently I got my term end exam marks of all subject but my assignment marks are not showing, my enrollment No is 169563246, please sir update it soon.

  20. Hello sir,i am 1st year BDP student i have submitted all my five assignments but among them one subject ie.FEG-01 shows that not submitted. So please sir if can checked and update it,because i am not able to fill up the exam form for this coming term exam. I shall be grateful if you help me as early as possible. My enrollment number is-165774310

  21. I have submitted my assignment of subject MS 91 on april 2017 but till now status is showing not submitted. My enrolment no. is 152143182.

  22. Sir I submitted all assignment on before due date March 26 .but assignment status shows only 4 subjects. Mco03, Mco05 not shows.
    Enrollment 156015648. Mcom program .pls update assignment complete status .

  23. Kindly check my assignments. I submitted all my assignments in March 2017. But all are showing not completed. My roll number is 156053229, MAPY 2nd year

  24. Hi Sir I m kisan kumar
    Enrolment no-148047374
    ba (bdp)
    Sir I have submitted all assignment but ehi4 showing not completed
    Plz help me

  25. i have submitted my assignment of meg -4 on 2016 march but result showing not completed.my number is 156068806.please help me.

  26. I am M.R.Vedamurthy My roll number 168575936 PGDFSQM COURSE.Submitted all assignment to NDRI BANGALORE.Before FEB 2017.While checking status not found.Assignment marks not updated

  27. Sir myself jitendra Singh Shekhawat and MPS final year student…my enrollment number is 160389060… assignments Mark’s not yet update…. I deposit on 9 September 17 at study centre …

  28. Sir, I have Submitted my assignments on march 2017.But Ibo-06 is not shown status of submission. Sir kindly reply me . My enrollment no -166249036

  29. Sir I deposit ASSIGNMENT on 04 subjects through AKASHDEEP project in study center BN College ,PATNA
    ESO-11, ESO-12, ESO-15 & BSHF-101
    But ESO-15 & BSHF-101 marks not shown
    Please do needful…Thanks

  30. Sir,
    I had submitted assignment in MPYE015 till now i didn’t get the result, even i checked the status its already completed. Please update soon
    Enrolment 135007842
    Course MAPY

  31. Hi Team,

    I had submitted my assignments in April last week and pay my exam fee online but my assignment not show in assignment status my course is MPS and roll number 160706307.

    Can please confirm what should I do for this.

  32. Sir, I had submitted all my papers’ assignment for mso1,mso2,mso3,mso4. But still I can’t see my marks regarding the mentioned. So can u plz update my grade if evaluation was over.My enrolment 179713270

  33. Please update my M.Com 1st Year (June 2018) assignment marks asap.
    My Enrollment No. is 175948573

    Can please confirm what should I do for this.

  34. I am Altaf Hussain and student of mso prog from ignou university session 16 17 only one assignment is not shown in my grade card it’s show not completed but I also submitted all assignment

  35. sir,I submitted all assignment for MSO 2nd year but not show in grade card status.
    Enrollment no.160440668
    study center-kamla ray collage gopalganj

  36. Sir please. Update my assignment marks of BA my Enrollment no. Is 176747803 please sir I request you

  37. Dear sir,
    I have gave my all exams at kendriya vidyalay manera in uttarkashi but on my grade card its not showing MPS 02 sub mark. please update my mark on grade card.
    MPS Enrollment no- 166169659
    Thank you

  38. Hello Sir, I Have submitted 5 assignments but in Ignou assignment status site showing only 4 subjects saying ” Received-in process”.Kindly suggest and help, How can I see missing assignment status.

    Enrollment : 175599736
    Missed : BEGF101

  39. Sir
    I submitted my assignment in March 2018
    but my assignment result not show
    my enrollment no -165234460
    assignment subject code-

  40. Sir I sanjaysharma ignou student my enrollment no 165762821 I submit mrde-101 assignment mark March 2018 but still now also not update please update my mark

  41. Sir .I m purbasha dev from mps ignou ..i m from July batch 2017 …i submitted my assignment on March 2018…my enrolment number is177581553 but can’t view it. ..please help me by updating the marks..i would be highly grateful to you

  42. Dear Sir,

    I am Rana Brahma from Tripura, IGNOU and I am studying MARD June 2017 batch. My enrollment number is 177018892. I submitted my assignment on March 2018 and my Course Code is MRD-101, MRD-102, MRD-103 & MRD-004, but in Ignou assignment status site showing only 3 subjects saying ” Received-in process”, but can not view assignment result till now. I have completed my Term end examination also on June 2018.

    Please help me by updating the marks. I would be highly grateful to you.

    1. My enrollment number: 176926230
      Programme code: MCOM
      Submitted my assignment in March 2018 but still its not showing. Please help

  43. Hello Sir/Madam,

    I am IGNOU M.com 2nd year student I have submitted all my assignments before due date but assignment status is not showing any subject I kindly request you to update my assignment marks completely for all the subjects .
    My study center is Government science college , Nrupatunga Road, Bangalore

  44. My dece 4 practical assignment status and marks are not updated in the marksheet by SED.

    Enrollment number is175413528

  45. Sir I have submitted my assignment in ignou center but still they are not show in grade card eso11
    Enrollment no,155906724
    Course BA

  46. I have submitted my all assignments of MAH 2nd year 2018 within due date.but it’s not showing in grade card till now.kindly update my grade card

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