IGNOU vs DU SOL – Which One is Better? A Complete Comparison

IGNOU vs DU SOL? Which One is Better? – IGNOU and DU SOL are the two most important universities for distance learning in India. Both universities are located in Delhi and both of them offer some of the important courses in India. Thus, it becomes quite difficult for many students to make decisions between these two universities.

This article focuses on how IGNOU and DU SOL are different from each other and whether IGNOU is better than DU SOL or not.

Establishment and Recognition

DU SOL is a part of Delhi University and is quite old in its establishment as it started in 1922. MHRD has ranked DU SOL in the 20th position among various distance-learning universities in India.

Is IGNOU Better than DU SOL

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On the other hand, it was in the year 1985 when IGNOU got established under a Parliament Act. What makes IGNOU better than DU SOL in terms of recognition is that while DU SOL is considered one of the reputed universities for distance learning in India, IGNOU has recognition throughout the Asian region.

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This is another major point that proves how IGNOU can be considered better than DU SOL. This is because DU SOL offers limited courses for students. For example, the university does not offer any courses in the science stream. Also, the university offers a limited number of common undergraduate, graduate, and master’s degree courses.

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When you fetch admission to IGNOU, you can choose from a range of undergraduate, graduate, and master’s degree courses under all the available streams. Also, IGNOU offers a range of diploma and certification courses under different streams.

Examination Center

If you are taking admission DU SOL, then you have to travel to Delhi each time for examinations because the university just has an exam center in Delhi.

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IGNOU is a great option for those individuals who are located in different parts of the country. IGNOU has study centers and examination centers throughout the country. Thus, the students can choose a center that is near their current location.


Students willing to seek admission to DU SOL have to appear for the Delhi University Entrance Test, and only those students, in particular, will be granted admission who will score the cut-off marks released by the university each year.

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This is yet another point that makes IGNOU a step better than DU SOL. There is no such entrance test that the students need to go through to get admission to IGNOU. There are so many students who are working professionals and wish to complete their higher studies. Also, there are many such candidates who are not able to compete with other students and get admission in normal colleges. IGNOU is a great opportunity for such people. All you need to do is to check out the course that you wish to get admission to and complete the admission formalities.


While students studying in IGNOU have to complete assignments, DU SOL does not offer assignments to its students. Now there are both positive and negative aspects of this. Working professionals do not get much time to do extra activities such as assignments and for them, DU SOL is the best option. But assignments help you in preparing your syllabus in a much better way and in advance. Hence, if you wish to score well in the exams, then IGNOU is the better option.

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Difficulty Level:

When compared to the regular Delhi University, DU SOL is not much tough. In fact, the DU SOL course is not much tough even when you compare it with the difficulty level of the IGNOU course. This is because DU SOL offers a much lenient scheme for marking in the examinations.

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IGNOU offers a syllabus that is lengthy and detailed. Also, the students need to prepare the syllabus very seriously because the marking scheme of IGNOU is not at all as lenient as DU SOL. It is important for the IGNOU course to be difficult because the university is recognized throughout Asia.


Based on the above points, there are several ways in which DU SOL and IGNOU are different. In short, summarizing the above points, DU SOL is much easier to pass and is great for candidates who are working professionals and don’t want to write assignments. But on the other hand, IGNOU is difficult but offers better convenience and course options for the students. Hence, based on the points mentioned, IGNOU is comparatively better than DU SOL.

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