Can I pursue two courses simultaneously from IGNOU?

Two Courses Together from IGNOU – Many of the students are eager to know that is it legal or possible to do two-degree courses at the same time so here is the answer of it. As per the current rules and regulations of UGC (University Grants Commission), the student can now do two-degree courses at the same time which is applicable for a regular course as well as a distance course. There are many UGC notifications and updates now available on this topic with official dates which you can read on this page.

As per the UGC Circular dated 30th September 2022, the students can now pursue two full-time courses at the same time. These guidelines will be applicable to those students who either want to pursue two regular degree courses together or two distance degree courses together. Therefore, It is now valid to do two-degree courses together in the same mode of study like Online, Distance, or Regular.

Latest Update – As per the most recent clarification from UGC on 9th September 2022, the degree completed through distance as well as the online mode will be treated equivalent to the regular degrees so now no one can create differentiations between distance and regular degrees.

As per the UGC Notification dated 8th June 2020, the candidates were able to pursue two-degree courses at the same time but one course must be regular and one course must be distance. In short, the candidates can now do two-degree courses together with the same or different institutions but the type of degree (distance or regular) must be different.

Two Courses Simultaneously from IGNOU

UGC Rules are Applicable for IGNOU University too – Earlier before the new announcement from UGC, simultaneously pursuing two academic courses either from IGNOU University was not permitted but one from IGNOU and the other from Regular University (regular or face-to-face mode) was permitted as per revised rules including Certificate Programmes of 6 months duration. After the most recent notification on 30th September 2022, IGNOU students can now also do two regular courses as well as two distance courses at the same time.

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Many of the students are aware that the previous rules of UGC abandoned students from doing two-degree courses at the same time and according to the previous rule of UGC If a student is found to be completed two distance courses or two regular courses in the same academic year or time then one of them will be marked as invalid. Therefore, doing more than one course at a time resulted in difficulties when applying for further studies or jobs. Earlier, IGNOU also advised students that he/she will do only one course at a time and then apply for another course after the declaration of results. Now, everything is changed now and students should follow the latest notification of UGC.

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The current rule of simultaneous registration is applied for certificate courses as well which you can understand here with more details. Students who are already enrolled in a program of one-year duration or longer can also simultaneously register themselves for any certificate course of 6 months duration. Candidates have to note that if any clash of dates of counseling or examination time table between the two courses taken, IGNOU will be not responsible to make an adjustment or shifting the dates of it.

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But, Doing two courses at the same time is somehow affects performance and marks in both of the programmes so it’s a better way to take admission in one course at a time to better focus on that programme to achieve good marks and grades.

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    1. क्या मैं रेगुलर बीएड के साथ साथ दूरस्थ विश्वविद्यालय से एक साथ दो पोस्ट ग्रेजुएट डिग्री कर सकता हूं

  1. Recently I read news which said as per UGC recent notification students can apply for two degrees together i.e One regular degree and one ODL degree. I will be taking admission into MBA from august 2020 in a different university and I intend to take admission in IGNOU PGDOM as well in the JULY 2020 admission. Could you please tell me is this really valid to take 2 degrees because the official website of IGNOU hasn’t updated anything and even the FAQs are of 2018.

    1. Yes you can do it . As per UGC, as long as one course is on regular and another one degree is on distance, you can do it. But both degree should be from different institutions.

    2. Mam, I am pursuing m.a regular with Allahabad State University
      Can I do again b.a (private) with another subject through IGNOU University?

    3. Do u have any notification regarding pursuing two degree in same year is valid, if yes then pls send a copy of the same.

    4. Um I am taking admission in diff University for nursing in 2021 September but I also want to do bcom so can I take admission in IGNOU .I will do regular my nursing and distance mode my bcom Is it possible???
      Please reply ..
      That I can take admission in IGNOU for bcom???

    1. IGNOU bed 2022-24 and IGNOU ma 2022-24 simultaneously , valid for pgt post

  2. Dear Sir, After 34 years of service and 02 years of Extension, Finally I will be going to retire from service in Jan,2021. But I am still fit n fine and wants to do one Diploma course in Horticulture (Flowers nursery and Bonsai plantation) to busy myself in future. I have done MA in Hindi (Osmania Uni) & PGDBA in HR (Symbiosis Uni) through distance learning. Please suggest the courses.

  3. Sir, can I do double masters degree? Not at the same time but after one another. I want to MA from IGNOU and another masters degree from a regular University. Is it possible sir? Please help me out.

  4. Can I do two degrees at different time
    Eg: one degree from 2019 and it will over 2022 and another degree from 2021and ends in 2024 is it valid

  5. Sir can I do a pg diploma in special education of one year and a master degree in philosophy at same time and in same university (ignou)???

    One year pg diploma + MA at same time in same university (ignou) Is valid ???????????

  6. hey i had recently enrolled in one diploma course in ignou can i also applied for another diploma course in open real to real university?


  8. I have done my MPS which is MA in Political science from IGNOU, so rather than taking admission in Mphill, can I take admission in MEG another masters degree in IGNOU? (MEG is Masters in English)

  9. I am pursuing in del.ed from nios may I take admission in mcom from IGNOU in the same session ?it will be valid or not?

  10. Sir/ma’am,
    As of 2021, I’m planning on doing my masters on anthropology in regular mode and along with it I’m opting to go for a M.A history programme at ignou in the same year itself. My reason for pursuing another masters in distant mode is due to my desire to do the course as my B.A is in history and even though I have an option to do my M.A in history on regular mode I’ve decided upon anthropology as valuable discipline for further study and niche research discipline as well.

    So is it possible to do so, as I have maintained schedule that allows me to perform well in more than one academic task.

    I’d appreciate your reply

  11. My son was enrolled B sc(Thm) on 2008 through distance mode at mk university. Next year he was enrolled B ca at yadava college madurai through regular mode. He was passed both degree simultaneously on 2011 &2012 as well as enrolled M sc(Thm)on 2011 through distance and M ba on 2012 through regular and passed both PG degree on 2013 &2014. In this position he was passed Tnpsc tourist officer and on the certificate verification he was rejected on the reason that UG and PG degree is not in so PG degree cannot be accepted. He was petitioned into the Honorable high court and got direction and attended the oral interview result withheld and awaiting the judgement please guide me to get favourable judgement.

    1. “rejected on the reason that UG and PG degree is not in so PG degree cannot be accepted”? Can you clarify this statement please.

    2. sequency of ug and pg is not order your pg degree seems to be aquier one year as per the finished year in the application filled. this is the clarification please give the reply.

  12. I had persued for b.ed regular from 2021 nd can I enroll for ma eng in 2022 from ignou year ending 2023 and 24… is it legal

    1. Yes, you can do it. UGC has allowed three mode doing graduation/master/PG:
      Physical – Online mode
      Physical – Online mode (timings should not be clashed)
      Online – Online mode

  13. Respected mam/sir
    maineJuly 2021 M.A in Economics fill kiya tha.But ab mein usko drop kr rhi hu or maine January 2022 me M.A in history fill kiya hai.Kya ye valid rahega??

  14. Respected Mam,
    Can we do BLIS Course or Mcom Together from ignou at a same time?
    I Already enrolled for both is it Valid or Not?

  15. Can I pursue mcom(2years) & DCE DIPLOMA IN CREATIVE WRITING IN ENGLISH (1year) simultaneously both from IGNOU?

  16. I have just applied for a Master’s degree course in Ignou.

    Now, if i apply for another Master’s degree online course from another University, say, Jainonline or Amityonline, will i face any issue later regarding the validity of both the cert??

  17. I have done my graduation, and now I want to pursue my master’s degree as well as a bachelor’s degree from IGNOU. Which I want to do in ODL both my master’s as well as bachelor’s. As i came to know about UGC’s new guidelines. Can I ?
    Please help me regarding this because I am so much confused.

  18. Can i pursue a master degree in MSC Anthropology while already enrolled in a PhD program. will it be valid? according to new education policy

  19. How can I identify which university provide another pg degree? Is it valid doing two pg degree in same academic year from different university through distance? Pl reply within September 26

  20. Can a student pursue to degrees from IGNOU simultaneously, one through distance mode and other through online mode at the same time? For example, MA in Psychology in distance mode and MCA in online mode in the same academic year?

  21. I am pursuing regular phd course from one of the central university in India since 2017. I had enrolled in one of the MA course in IGNOU in august 2019 but I haven’t given the exams yet. I want to know if I give my IGNOU MA exam after submitting phd thesis, will both degrees of phd and MA be valid ? Please resolve my issue.

  22. I am pursuing New MBA from IGNOU batch Jan. 2022-24. Can i get mba degree in two streams without re-appearing for first 2 semester as it remains same for any streams like operation, HR, Marketing etc. I mean, I finished 1st yr. and have to choose any one stream like HR for 2nd yr. then can i pursue for marketing in 3rd year? And in this way can i receive 2 mba degree?

  23. will IGNOU bachelor in political science honours 2021-2024 batch and IGNOU D.El.ed 2022-2024 batch valid….

    please reply respected sir/mam

  24. Sir
    Can i do two degrees same time i am doing distance course under Calicut University (2020to2023) recently i joined Kerala University for regular study (2022 to 2025 ) some people says that one degree among this two will not have any value pls tell more about it

  25. I have given all exams for my 3 years Graduation in BA from IGNOU. My grade card is out. But my provisional certificate has not been received. Can I take admission in BCA now as I have already completed Graduation or wait till the Provisional certificate is received?

  26. I am currently persuing B.Ed through Kashmir University through distance mode—– july session.
    Am I now eligible to apply for pg through IGNOU via ODL for December session.

  27. I’m planning to do MA in creative writing from regular college. Will I be able to do MA English literature ODL from IGNOU??

  28. I am currently doing BSc 2nd year in Delhi University but I want to do BA Eng from IGNOU simultaneously. Is this possible?

  29. I have taken admission in ignou (MA) in 2021 but haven’t taken any exam or submitted any assignments since i was pursuing B.Ed from a regular college (2021-23) batch, now it’s been completed.. so if I’ll continue my MA from ignou what academic year will be printed on my DMCs (i am curious since I don’t want both degrees academic years to be clashed.

  30. My master’s result came in February 2020 and where’s b.ed completed in July 2021. Is it valid for govt. exams?

  31. Hi, i am currently enrolled for MA psychology course in IGNOU ODL July session and I want to pursue MA/ Applied psychology course from any other university (regular mode) in 2024. The degree is same but there will be different specializations of psychology. Could you please answer if this is possible?

    Thank you!

  32. sir/madam.. I am getting (distance)session 2019-21 but passing year is 2023.. And getting Bed (regular ) session 2020-22.. so can I apply for both degree to get government job.. plz give reply

  33. I have completed MEG MASTER OF ARTS IN ENGLISH from IGNOU but got 2nd division , I want to do the same course again in IGNOU will it be valid ??

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