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IGNOU BCOMG Study Materials/Books – If you come to this page for download each collection of BCOMG Study Material so you come to the right place. Here you will get everything for which you have come here. We have downloaded all available Study Materials of BCOMG to our System and it is ready and available for all BCOMG Students.

We provide all study materials to IGNOU BCOMG students free of cost and it can download easily and without registration need.

Introduction of IGNOU BCOMG

IGNOU BCOMG is the revised program of BCom which was introduced in the July 2019 session and every fresh student has to follow the syllabus of the CBCS method. As per the current status, Few core course study materials are uploaded at the moment for BCOMG and the remaining books will be upload soon by IGNOU Head Office.

List of Available BCOMG Study Materials:

Course Code Course Name Click to
BCOC-131 Financial Accounting Download
BCOC-131 वित्तिया लेखाकरण Download
BCOC-132 Business Organisation and Management Download
BCOC-132 व्यावसायिक संगठन और प्रबंधन Download
BCOC-133 Business Law Download
BCOC-133 व्यावसायिक सन्नियम Download
BCOC-134 Business Mathematics and Statistics Download
BCOC-134 व्यावसायिक गणित और सांख्यिकी Download
BCOC-135 Company Law Download
BCOC-135 कम्पनी विधि Download
BCOC-136 Elements of Income Tax Download
BCOC-136 आयकर विधान एवं व्यवहार Download
BCOC-137 Corporate Accounting Download
BCOC-137 निगमित लेखांकन Download
BCOC-138 Cost Accounting Download
BCOC-138 लागत लेखांकन Download
BCOE-141 Principles of Marketing Download
BCOE-141 विपणन के सिध्दान्त Download
BCOE-142 Management Accounting Download
BCOE-142 प्रबंधन लेखांकन Download
BCOE-143 Fundamentals of Financial Management Download
BCOE-143 वित्तीय प्रबंध के मूल तत्त्व Download
BCOE-144 Office Management and Secretarial Practice Download
BCOE-144 कार्यालय प्रबंधन और सचिव अभ्यास Download
BCOS-183 Computer Application in Business Download
BCOS-183 व्यापर में कम्प्यूटर का अनुप्रयोग Download
BCOS-184 E-Commerce Download
BCOS-184 ई कॉमर्स Download
BCOS-185 Entrepreneurship Download
BCOS-185 उद्यमिता Download
BCOS-186 Personal Selling and Salesmanship Download
BCOS-186 व्यक्तिगत बिक्री और बिक्री कौशल Download
BCOG-171 Principles of Micro Economics Download
BCOG-171 व्यष्टि अर्थशास्त्र के सिद्धांत Download
BCOG-172 Indian Economy Download
BCOG-172 भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्था Download
BCOLA-138 Business Communication Download
BCOLA-138 व्यावसायिक सम्प्रेषण Download

NoteClick Here to download BCOMG’s other study materials that may be not available at the above list.

Is it required to Download BCOMG Materials?

To attend IGNOU BCOMG TEE Examination, it is necessary to first submit your Assignments to IGNOU and it is possible from IGNOU Study Material. You can solve your BCOMG Assignments using Books/Materials. Not only Assignments, but you can use them for preparation for the Examination and you can get good marks in your Annual Exams with good grades.

57 thoughts on “IGNOU BCOMG Study Material”

  1. From where I can download bcos 186 study material? There is no confirmation about this book So please solve this problem

  2. I didn’t receive my bcom third year study material… It’s not available online as well…. I need to prepare my assignment.. For exams

  3. I haven’t received my study material for bcomg. Also, I have received a conformation mail from ignou but am not able to login as it says the enrollment no. is not there, and told to contact srd. People who pick up the phone don’t even talk it’s just left unanswered and neither do I get replies to my mails. Please help me with the same.

  4. Hi, BCOMG 4th semester books are even not in the egyankosh….BCOLA138.E( e toh assignment paper bhi English meh upload nahi kiya),bcos184,bcoc137
    .Solved assignments hai toh please share….

  5. Pllzzzz mjhe bta skte ho kii maine is saal 6 subject k assignment jma kiye or 4 sub ki exam fees first semester k according so mjhse koii glti toh nhii hui h m boht confuse plzz help me

  6. Dear IGNOU team,
    Assignments of BEGLA 136 and BEGAE 182 for BCOMG are not uploaded yet. Do we have to download these from the assignment section of BAG?
    Submission date are near. Waiting for your response.

  7. May you please provide the lists of those subjects which are applicable for the preparation of assignments under BCOMG


  9. Kindly plz send me the link of Assignment of BCOMG who take admission in July 2019 and they give their TEE in June 2020

    1. BCOE-142 BCOMG Book is not ableable in hindi medium. kindly download this book your site. thank you🙏💕

  10. Sir in above page only bcoc131 and bcoc132 BcomG study materials are available. Balance material are where we want to download sir

    1. Hi Paulson!
      BCOMG will be held by SEM
      For those who haven taken admission in July session,
      SEM 1 & 2 in TEE JUNE 2020

  11. Hi ,
    Few materials are only available as of now.
    I have already uploaded that in the Google drive link.
    You can also download it from egyankosh or ignouhelp.in

    1. Sir, plz hme btaye ki BCOC 131(1st /2nd semester ) me kon kon c book download kru. Kyoki jab BCOC 131 ki link pr click krta hu to is me 4-5 books show ho rhi hain. Plz kya aap hme whatsaap pr books k bare me guide kr denge

  12. i have attended the induction where regional director told that all revised courses ( BAG , BCOMG , BSCG) are still under process of printing and dispatching , for that SEM 1 which was for DEC TEE , it will be taken at JUN 20 TEE , It means we have to appear for both the SEM ( 1 & 2) in June 2020 and should also submit assignments by March 20 for both.

    I have downloaded SEM 1 papers for 3 SUBJECTS
    I have made a google drive link for http://bit.ly/2P3nK7y , you may download as here only 2 is listed.

    1. Hello Divya!
      Assignment is currently not uploaded on IGNOU website.. It will soon to be uploaded when all the materials are dispatched, assignment submission time is from Mar for both sem in year 1

    2. I also took admission in 2019 but what about 2nd year, exams still I think not confirm it will or not

    3. hey , thank you very much ..the link you provided was very usefull .
      and did you find the assignments for BCOMG? i cant find it anywhere .

    4. Hi Aishwarya!
      Assignment is yet to be upload by IGNOU..
      You may check here or IGNOU assignment section. It should be available by January

    5. Thanks a lot Aniket. Is BEVAE181 (Environmental Studies) study material published?
      Also are the assignments for BCOMG available now?

  13. BCOC 131…AND BCOC 132…..study material hi available h…..baaki nhi h ya mujhe mill nhi rha plzzzz help meeee

    1. Aap log plz uper ki book list ke nicche click here likha hai us per click kerke aap logo or book ke pdf mil jaige

    1. no it will be held together in june 2020.see official page of ignouhelp.in,its been told there.

    2. Taken admission for BCOMG on january 2021 session.Do I have to attend my semester 1 exam on june tee 2021 OR Attend both semester 1 and 2 exam in december 2021 ??

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