Can I pursue two courses simultaneously from IGNOU?

Many of the students are eager to know that, is it legal to do two-degree courses at the same time so here is the answer of it. As per the current rules and regulation of UGC (University Grants Commission), the student can now do two degree courses at the same time which is applicable for a regular course as well as a distance course.

Important Update – As per the most recent notification released by the UGC dated 8th June 2020, the candidates can now pursue two-degree courses at the same time but the one course must be regular and one course must be distance. In short, the candidates can now do two degree courses together with the same or different institutions but the type of degree (distance or regular) must different.

Many of the students are unaware by this rule of UGC and doing more than one course at a time and that’s a result he/she may face difficulties while applying for further studies or job. If a student found to be completed two distance courses or two regular courses in the same academic year or time then one of them will be marked as invalid. It’s always advised to our IGNOU students that he/she will do only one course at a time and then apply for another course after the declaration of result.

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The rule of simultaneous registration is not applied for certificate courses which you can understand here with more details. Students who are already enrolled in a program of one year duration or longer can also simultaneously register themselves for any certificate course of 6 months duration. Candidates have to note that if any clash of dates of counselling or examination time table between the two courses taken, IGNOU will be not responsible to make an adjustment or to shift dates of it.

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Earlier before new announcement from UGC, simultaneously pursuing two academic courses either from the IGNOU University is not permitted but one from IGNOU and the other from Regular University (regular or face to face mode) is now permitted as per current rules including Certificate Programmes of 6 months duration. However, students can’t do two regular courses as well as two distance courses at the same time.

Doing two courses at the same time is affect performance and marks in both of the programmes so it’s a better way to take admission in one course at a time to better focus on that programme to achieve good marks and grades.

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  1. Recently I read news which said as per UGC recent notification students can apply for two degrees together i.e One regular degree and one ODL degree. I will be taking admission into MBA from august 2020 in a different university and I intend to take admission in IGNOU PGDOM as well in the JULY 2020 admission. Could you please tell me is this really valid to take 2 degrees because the official website of IGNOU hasn’t updated anything and even the FAQs are of 2018.

    1. Yes you can do it . As per UGC, as long as one course is on regular and another one degree is on distance, you can do it. But both degree should be from different institutions.

  2. Dear Sir, After 34 years of service and 02 years of Extension, Finally I will be going to retire from service in Jan,2021. But I am still fit n fine and wants to do one Diploma course in Horticulture (Flowers nursery and Bonsai plantation) to busy myself in future. I have done MA in Hindi (Osmania Uni) & PGDBA in HR (Symbiosis Uni) through distance learning. Please suggest the courses.

  3. Sir, can I do double masters degree? Not at the same time but after one another. I want to MA from IGNOU and another masters degree from a regular University. Is it possible sir? Please help me out.

  4. Can I do two degrees at different time
    Eg: one degree from 2019 and it will over 2022 and another degree from 2021and ends in 2024 is it valid

  5. Sir can I do a pg diploma in special education of one year and a master degree in philosophy at same time and in same university (ignou)???

    One year pg diploma + MA at same time in same university (ignou) Is valid ???????????

  6. hey i had recently enrolled in one diploma course in ignou can i also applied for another diploma course in open real to real university?


  8. I have done my MPS which is MA in Political science from IGNOU, so rather than taking admission in Mphill, can I take admission in MEG another masters degree in IGNOU? (MEG is Masters in English)

  9. I am pursuing in del.ed from nios may I take admission in mcom from IGNOU in the same session ?it will be valid or not?

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