Having Grammar Mistakes? Check Steps to Correct & Improve Online

Having Grammar Mistakes? Check Steps to Correct & Improve Online – Grammar is an important element whenever you are creating any content such as an assignment, an essay, or an article. If you are a student, and you make grammatical errors in your assignments and essays, there are chances that you might lose marks. Also, grammatical errors can alter the meaning of the sentences a number of times. On the other hand, if you are someone who writes articles or blogs, then also you need to be very specific about grammar because any kind of grammatical error can lead to a lower SEO ranking on search engines. 

What is Grammar?

While the use of grammar may seem complicated, grammar is extremely important in any language for various reasons.

  • Correct grammar improves fluency and effective communication.
  • Proper use of grammar will deliver the sentence clearly to the recipient.
  • Correct grammar in your content will help in increasing your confidence and credibility.
  • Wrong grammar in a sentence can alter the meaning and can deliver the wrong message.
  • Proper grammatical usage also helps in logical thinking.

If you are a learned person in any language, the chances of getting grammatical errors reduce. But humans always have a tendency to make some mistakes here and there. Thus, this is the time when you might require some assistance with grammar.

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10 Common Grammar Mistakes

When you are creating a block of content, there are some common ways and methods that you need to use to detect grammar mistakes.

  1. Subject-Verb:

It is essential to keep a note of singular and plural forms. If the subject is singular, then you need to use ‘is’, but if the subject is plural, you will use ‘are’ in the sentence.

  1. Voice:

Keeping proper track of the active and passive voice is also crucial. Passive sentences are those where the object is placed at the beginning. Active voice sentences are those where an object is performing a verb. An active voice sentence is always considered the right form of grammar.

  1. Sentence Formation:

Leaving any sentence incomplete with broken fragments is also considered a wrong form of grammar because it does not convey the message properly.

  1. Adverbs Overuse:

Adverbs are used to put emphasis on a verb. But when you overuse such words, it can cause a grammatical error. 

  1. Prepositional Phrases:

Similar to adverbs, making excessive usage of prepositions also causes grammatical mistakes. 

  1. Misuse of Words:

There are several times when you may get confused between two words that might have similar meanings but different purposes. For example, ‘lay’ and ‘lie’ has almost similar meanings but are used for different purposes. 

  1. Pronoun References:

When you are using a lot of pronouns, you should make sure that the pronouns are used for the right references. 

  1. Fused Sentences:

Sometimes, when you fuse two complete sentences, it can cause confusion and leads to grammatical mistakes. Not using the right connecting word causes such confusion in long sentences.

  1. Tautologies:

Tautologies are situations when two words are used in a single sentence to express the same meaning. Usually, this is considered a grammatical mistake.

  1. Punctuations:

Punctuations are also another reason that causes grammatical mistakes. Not placing the right punctuation marks such as commas, apostrophes, and others can change the meaning of the sentence.

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3 Methods to Detect Grammar Mistakes

There are a few common ways how one can detect grammar mistakes.

  • Going through the Text:

The very first method is to go through the text several times to check the grammar errors existing in the text. Often reading aloud can help you in recognizing grammar errors that are there in sentences.

  • Listening to the Text:

If you are able to come across errors reading the text, another way is to listen to the text while someone else is reading it. When you listen to a sentence with wrong grammar, it does not sound appropriate and ultimately you focus on finding out the loophole in the sentence and mending it.

  • Using Grammar Software:

Today, a lot of people rely upon software in place of detecting grammar errors manually. These software options help you in coming across the grammar errors in the text so that you do not just correct them but also can learn from your mistakes.

2 Methods to Correct Grammar Mistakes

Once you have identified the grammar mistakes in your content, the next obvious step is to correct them. There are two ways how you can do so.

  • Manual Correction:

You can opt for correcting grammar mistakes manually by identifying each mistake individually. This is a basic mode of correcting all the mistakes and also helps in maintaining the authenticity of the content. 

  • Automatic Correction:

The second mode is to get help from any software to get the corrections done automatically if you have switched on the auto-correct mode. If you have not switched on the auto-correct mode, then the software will identify the mistakes and you can correct them manually.  

5 Methods to Improve Grammar

While identifying grammar mistakes and correcting them is always allowed, improving your grammar is always a great idea so that you do not get grammar mistakes in the first place. Here are some of the essential methods which you can use to improve your grammar. 

  • More Reading:

The statement regarding this method is very popular “The more you read, the better you get at any language”. Hence, reading is extremely important to improve your grammar skills. Newspapers are considered one of the best options to read in order to improve grammar skills.

  • Get a Grammar Manual:

If you are not confident about your grammar, you should get a grammar manual book such as Wren and Martin English Grammar, and should check it as and when required. You can make use of different grammar software today as a grammar manual to check your mistakes and then correct them. 

  • Write More:

As reading more will help in enhancing your language skills, practicing more is going to improve your language even more. So, apart from reading, you should also write as much as possible. 

  • Reading Loud:

A number of times, when you read aloud, you can listen to your own mistakes. This is another way to improve your grammar by self-analyzing your errors. You can even get help from someone else who can read the content for you so that you can identify and correct the errors in a much more efficient way.

  • Get Feedback:

If you have got well-wishers around you, you should ask for their feedback on your grammar so that you can understand how much you have improved. It is better to ask for feedback from someone who is learned in the field of language and grammar so that you can get the right suggestions.

3 Best Grammar Checker Online

While checking and correcting grammar manually is the best possible option, there are now also different software available to help you in this case. 

  • Grammarly:

Grammarly is one of the most popular software options for Grammar till now. You can either paste the content into the website to get grammar analysis or can even integrate the plugin in your browser to get grammar mistake errors in different places where you write. You can even get Grammarly in the form of an application on your smartphone. 

It is available as free to use with basic grammar checks and corrections. But if you wish to get higher corrections such as sentence form corrections and others, you need to get a premium version at Rs. 984/- per month. 

  • QuillBot:

QuillBot is another trustable software that is free to use for various purposes such as grammar checks. Similar to Grammarly, you just have to paste the content on the interface of QuillBot to get the analysis result and then you can correct the errors accordingly. Also, you can integrate QuillBot in Chrome to get grammar assistance at different places where you are creating content. 

The free version of Quillbot is great for basic checks and corrections while an upgraded version is going to offer you a number of added benefits such as faster processing, synonym options, and others. You can get the premium version of QuillBot at $9.95 per month. 

  • Writer.com:

Writer.com is once again amazing software that is used by not just students but also by many professionals for grammar checks. Backed by AI technology, the software helps in the analysis of grammar and punctuation in any content. Apart from basic grammar, the software also helps in offering various other facilities such as a tone detector, style guide builder, and many others. 

You can use the software for free to get a trial of the software but you have to get a premium one for further use. Also, when you are getting a premium version, you need to buy the software for a team of 1 to 5 people so that you can get the software at a price of $18 per person for a single month. 


Grammatical mistakes can alter the meaning of a sentence and can also create a wrong impression on the reader. Wrong grammar in your content will also lead to lower marks in examinations and assignments. Hence, it gets essential that you make use of the right grammar each time. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is grammar important?

Whether you are a student or a working professional, correct grammar in your content is absolutely important for various purposes such as to fetch proper marks in exam, to convey a message properly, and so on.

Is improving grammar easy?

Improving your grammar skills is absolutely easy if you are using the right modes such as reading more, practicing more, and making use of the right guide or software for grammar.

Are grammar software tools worth using?

If you are using good software tools such as Grammarly, you do not just get a flawless content but also it helps in improving your grammar skills day by day.

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