IGNOU Question Paper (Previous Year or Sem)

IGNOU Question Paper – Check the complete collection of old – Previous session Sample Papers and find out your program from the list to start the downloading process. Candidates can find different TEE session sample papers for the preparation of their upcoming examination. We have uploaded here all IGNOU Previous Year Question Paper which was asked in the previous TEE sessions conducted by the university. It will be helpful for those candidates who going to appear in the TEE June or December 2020.

Our team has uploaded both TEE Examination Question papers of June as well as the December Term End Examination. Candidates only need to find their program and proceed to download selected papers to their devices.

Is it beneficial for good marks in IGNOU Exam?

Many of the students have a habit to read and prepare from previous year question papers and many times that habit will help to get good marks in their examination. It can help you to boost your marks in your subject result and you will get the best performance report in your grade card. That is the reason we advise our candidates that they spend some time on solving IGNOU Old Question Paper to get many benefits in your upcoming TEE Exam.

Great Material for IGNOU Term End Examination

Some times past papers are considered as great material for exam preparation. It is very valuable for students because from past papers you got an idea about your next exam and you will be ready for your exam with best practice. This helps to explain everything about your paper and you can prepare with help from past papers.

Included IGNOU Question Paper in the list:

  • IGNOU Question Paper Dec 2013
  • IGNOU Question Paper June 2014
  • IGNOU Question Paper Dec 2014
  • IGNOU Question Paper June 2015
  • IGNOU Question Paper Dec 2015
  • IGNOU Question Paper June 2016

Our IGNOUHelp team has uploaded above sample papers only to help our IGNOU students and our only objective is to get the best marks in each paper by each and every student to achieve their favorable goals in the future. We have added all that session papers at only one link so that student does not need to search each session differently but they get all papers at only one page which becomes the time-saving method.

List of Available IGNOU Question Paper for Download:

IGNOU Master Degree Question Paper List

IGNOU MA Education Question PapersIGNOU MED Question Papers
IGNOU MAAE Question PapersIGNOU MEG Question Papers
IGNOU MAAN Question PapersIGNOU MHA Question Papers
IGNOU MADE Question PapersIGNOU MHD Question Papers
IGNOU MAEDS Question PapersIGNOU MLIS Question Papers
IGNOU MAGD Question PapersIGNOU MPA Question Papers
IGNOU MAGPS Question PapersIGNOU MPS Question Papers
IGNOU MAH Question PapersIGNOU MSc Maths MACS Question Papers
IGNOU MAPC Question PapersIGNOU MSCCFT Question Papers
IGNOU MAPY Question PapersIGNOU MSCDFSM Question Papers
IGNOU MARD Question PapersIGNOU MSO Question Papers
IGNOU MATS Question PapersIGNOU MSW Question Papers
IGNOU MCOM Question PapersIGNOU MTM Question Papers
IGNOU MEC Question PapersIGNOU MBA Question Papers
IGNOU MCA Question Papers 

IGNOU Bachelor Degree Question Paper List:

IGNOU BAPC Question PapersIGNOU BMRHIT Question Papers
IGNOU BCOM Question PapersIGNOU BPP Question Papers
IGNOU BDP Question PapersIGNOU BSW Question Papers
IGNOU BED Question PapersIGNOU BTS Question Papers
IGNOU BLIS Question PapersIGNOU Post Basic BSc Nursing Question Papers
IGNOU BCA Question Papers 

IGNOU Post Graduate Diploma Question Paper List

IGNOU PGDAC Question PapersIGNOU PGDIPR Question Papers
IGNOU PGDAPP Question PapersIGNOU PGDIS Question Papers
IGNOU PGDAST Question PapersIGNOU PGDLAN Question Papers
IGNOU PGDBP Question PapersIGNOU PGDMCH Question Papers
IGNOU PGDCC Question PapersIGNOU PGDPM Question Papers
IGNOU PGDCJ Question PapersIGNOU PGDPPED Question Papers
IGNOU PGDDM Question PapersIGNOU PGDPSM Question Papers
IGNOU PGDEMA Question PapersIGNOU PGDRD Question Papers
IGNOU PGDENLW Question PapersIGNOU PGDSLM Question Papers
IGNOU PGDESD Question PapersIGNOU PGDSWT Question Papers
IGNOU PGDFCS Question PapersIGNOU PGDT Question Papers
IGNOU PGDFMP Question PapersIGNOU PGDTRM Question Papers
IGNOU PGDFSQM Question PapersIGNOU PGDUPDL Question Papers
IGNOU PGDGM Question PapersIGNOU PGDWGS Question Papers
IGNOU PGDHHM Question PapersIGNOU PGJMC Question Papers
IGNOU PGDHIVM Question PapersIGNOU PGDMM Question Papers
IGNOU PGDFM Question PapersIGNOU PGDOM Question Papers
IGNOU PGDHRM Question PapersIGNOU PGDIM Question Papers

IGNOU Post Graduate Certificate Question Paper List

IGNOU PGCAP Question PapersIGNOU PGCGI Question Papers
IGNOU PGCBHT Question PapersIGNOU PGCMHT Question Papers
IGNOU PGCCL Question PapersIGNOU PGCPP Question Papers
IGNOU PGCE Question PapersIGNOU PGCOI Question Papers

IGNOU Diploma Question Paper List

IGNOU DAFE Question PapersIGNOU DMT Question Papers
IGNOU DAQ Question PapersIGNOU DNA Question Papers
IGNOU DBPOFA Question PapersIGNOU DNHE Question Papers
IGNOU DCCN Question PapersIGNOU DPLAD Question Papers
IGNOU DCE Question PapersIGNOU DPVCPO Question Papers
IGNOU DDT Question PapersIGNOU DTS Question Papers
IGNOU DECE Question PapersIGNOU DVAPFV Question Papers
IGNOU DELED Question PapersIGNOU DWED Question Papers
IGNOU DFPT Question PapersIGNOU DWM Question Papers
IGNOU DIM Question Papers 

IGNOU Certificate Question Paper List

IGNOU CAFE Question PapersIGNOU CIHL Question Papers
IGNOU CAHT Question PapersIGNOU CIS Question Papers
IGNOU CAL Question PapersIGNOU CIT Question Papers
IGNOU CBS Question PapersIGNOU CNCC Question Papers
IGNOU CCLBL Question PapersIGNOU CNM Question Papers
IGNOU CCP Question PapersIGNOU COF Question Papers
IGNOU CCPD Question PapersIGNOU CPATHA Question Papers
IGNOU CCR Question PapersIGNOU CPF Question Papers
IGNOU CDM Question PapersIGNOU CPLT Question Papers
IGNOU CETM Question PapersIGNOU CPPDPT Question Papers
IGNOU CFE Question PapersIGNOU CPVE Question Papers
IGNOU CFN Question PapersIGNOU CSWCJS Question Papers
IGNOU CFS Question PapersIGNOU CTE Question Papers
IGNOU CHBHC Question PapersIGNOU CTS Question Papers
IGNOU CHCWM Question PapersIGNOU CUL Question Papers
IGNOU CHR Question PapersIGNOU CVAA Question Papers
IGNOU CIB Question PapersIGNOU CVAP Question Papers
IGNOU CIG Question PapersIGNOU CWHM Question Papers
IGNOU ACISE Question Papers 

IGNOU Ph.D. Question Paper List

IGNOU PDCDM Question Papers

IGNOU Appreciation Courses Question Paper List:

IGNOU ACPDM Question Papers

Just check out the collection of old and sample papers of IGNOU Term-end Examination. Previous papers are not just for checking paper styles but it helps to boost your marks in the upcoming Term End Examination. We advise all our candidates that they collect old papers for the previous 3 to 5 sessions and solve all of the papers with the help of IGNOU Books. Old sample papers help to add extra markings in your mark sheet. So don’t miss to solve previous question papers while you start the preparation of your upcoming exam conducted by IGNOU.

We request our students that if they have any IGNOU Solved Question Paper then do share with our IGNOUHelp site so that we can upload it on this page. It will benefit thousands of students from IGNOU University in the preparation of TEE.

FAQs of IGNOU Question Paper

How To Download IGNOU Question Paper?

Candidates can download IGNOU Question Paper online for Term end exam June and December.

How to Solve IGNOU Question Paper?

Use Study Material to solve IGNOU Question Papers.

What is the use of IGNOU Previous Year/Sem Question Paper?

To know the paper style or pattern of particular examination.

Is it recommended to solve the previous session question paper?

Yes, It is recommended for additional marking in exam.

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  1. How I can download previous papers BA 1st year 2015,2016,2017,subjects are BSHF101, FEG2, BSHF4, BRDE101 and BRDE101 help plz

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  5. Please provide all the 14 (fourteen) question papers (Revised) of each subject plus all question papers of BCSL-032, BCSL-033 & BCSL-034 of BCA THIRD SEMESTER from 2013 to 2019.

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  7. What is the problem with IGNOU’s English honours course,
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