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IGNOU Study Materials/Books for All Courses – Checkout our Latest and Updated List of Study Materials. Here we have covered the almost entire list of IGNOU Offered courses Books and Materials so please find your program from the list and get started to download your books for free of cost. Just search your program in which you took admission from IGNOU University.

Our motto is to provide and promote digital study materials to the IGNOU Students so that they don’t need to depend on printed or hard books. IGNOU E-Books will help to prepare for your program from anywhere and any time even if you are traveling.

“Easy to Download, Easy to Save and Easy to Read”

IGNOU University is also sending the printed study materials to the IGNOU Students after taking admission to the university and its fee is included in your admission fee. But it may take some time to deliver your books on your address and its sometimes delayed for delivering to student’s address which can affect your study. We have found a way to resolve all this issue and started to upload the digital books of IGNOU at IGNOUHelp site.

Here, you don’t need to pay any fees to us and you can download as many times as you want. All study materials available on our section comes with PDF format. Online Books help students to read books at any time and any place. You no need to keep physical books with you while you are on moving. You can read materials from our portal anywhere.

All materials are available free of cost. Our objective is to provide complete materials of all courses to our candidates so they can learn online and complete their studies with a new modern way of education. It will be helpful for the preparation of your examination to get good marks and grades.

We have categorized the list of IGNOU Study Materials/Books in the Master Degree, Bachelor Degree, Post Graduate, Diploma and Certificate Courses, etc which make it easier for IGNOU students to find their program and download their required materials in the less duration of time.

IGNOU Trending and Recent Study Materials 2020

IGNOU BAG Study Material
IGNOU BCOMG Study Material
IGNOU BSCG Study Material
IGNOU BAVTM Study Material

IGNOU Master Degree Courses Study Material:

IGNOU MSWC Study Material
IGNOU MADVS Study Material
IGNOU MATS Study Material
IGNOU MSCCFT Study Material
IGNOU MAWSG Study Material
IGNOU MAAN Study Material
IGNOU MA Education Study Material
IGNOU MACS Study Material
IGNOU MAEDS Study Material
IGNOU MAGD Study Material
IGNOU MAGPS Study Material
IGNOU MAH Study Material
IGNOU MAPC Study Material
IGNOU MAPY Study Material
IGNOU MARD Study Material
IGNOU MBA Study Material
IGNOU MCA Study Material
IGNOU MCOM Study Material
IGNOU MEC Study Material
IGNOU MEG Study Material
IGNOU MHD Study Material
IGNOU MPA Study Material
IGNOU MPS Study Material
IGNOU MSW Study Material
IGNOU MTM Study Material
IGNOU MAAE Study Material
IGNOU MADE Study Material
IGNOU MBA Banking and Finance Study Material
IGNOU MCom BP & CG Study Material
IGNOU MCom F&T Study Material
IGNOU MCom MA & FS Study Material
IGNOU MLIS Study Material
IGNOU MSCDFSM Study Material
IGNOU MSO Study Material

IGNOU Bachelors Degree Courses Study Material:

IGNOU BDP Study Material
IGNOU BA Urdu Study Material
IGNOU BA in Philosophy Study Material
IGNOU BA Study Material
IGNOU BAPC Study Material
IGNOU BBA Study Material
IGNOU BCA Study Material
IGNOU BCOM Study Material
IGNOU BED Study Material
IGNOU BLIS Study Material
IGNOU BPP Study Material
IGNOU BSC Study Material
IGNOU BSCHOT Study Material
IGNOU BScN Study Material
IGNOU BSW Study Material
IGNOU BTCM Study Material
IGNOU BCom AF Study Material
IGNOU BCom CA & A Study Material
IGNOU BCom F & CA Study Material
IGNOU BTS Study Material
IGNOU Post Basic BSc Nursing Study Material

IGNOU Post Graduate Diploma Courses Study Material:

IGNOU PGDEMA Study Material
IGNOU PGDSS Study Material
IGNOU PGDEOH Study Material
IGNOU PGDCOUN Study Material
IGNOU PGDPPED Study Material
IGNOU PGDEMA Study Material
IGNOU PGDET Study Material
IGNOU PGDIS Study Material
IGNOU PGDAE Study Material
IGNOU PGDAPP Study Material
IGNOU PGDCC Study Material
IGNOU PGDESD Study Material
IGNOU PGDFSQM Study Material
IGNOU PGDGM Study Material
IGNOU PGDHHM Study Material
IGNOU PGDHRM Study Material
IGNOU PGDIBO Study Material
IGNOU PGDIPR Study Material
IGNOU PGDLAN Study Material
IGNOU PGDMRR Study Material
IGNOU PGDPM Study Material
IGNOU PGDRD Study Material
IGNOU PGDRP Study Material
IGNOU PGDDM Study Material
IGNOU PGDEDS Study Material
IGNOU PGDFM Study Material
IGNOU PGDGPS Study Material
IGNOU PGDIM Study Material
IGNOU PGDMCH Study Material
IGNOU PGDMM Study Material
IGNOU PGDOM Study Material
IGNOU PGDSLM Study Material
IGNOU PGJMC Study Material
IGNOU PGDAC Study Material
IGNOU PGDBP Study Material
IGNOU PGDCJ Study Material
IGNOU PGDHE Study Material
IGNOU PGDPSM Study Material
IGNOU PGDFCS Study Material
IGNOU PGDWGS Study Material
IGNOU PGDAST Study Material
IGNOU PGDMH Study Material
IGNOU PGDUPDL Study Material
IGNOU PGDFMP Study Material

IGNOU Post Graduate Certificate Courses Study Material:

IGNOU PGCBHT Study Material
IGNOU PGCPP Study Material
IGNOU PGCAE Study Material
IGNOU PGCCL Study Material
IGNOU PGCE Study Material
IGNOU PGCWT Study Material
IGNOU PGCEDS Study Material
IGNOU PGCGPS Study Material
IGNOU PGCOI Study Material
IGNOU PGCPDT Study Material
IGNOU PGCGI Study Material
IGNOU PGCAP Study Material
IGNOU PGCMHT Study Material

IGNOU Diploma Courses Study Material:

IGNOU DCCN Study Material
IGNOU DTG Study Material
IGNOU DEVMT Study Material
IGNOU DIPP Study Material
IGNOU DBPOFA Study Material
IGNOU DWM Study Material
IGNOU DUL Study Material
IGNOU DCE Study Material
IGNOU DCLE Study Material
IGNOU DDT Study Material
IGNOU DELED Study Material
IGNOU DFPT Study Material
IGNOU DMT Study Material
IGNOU DNA Study Material
IGNOU DNHE Study Material
IGNOU DNS Study Material
IGNOU DPVCPO Study Material
IGNOU DVAPFV Study Material
IGNOU DWED Study Material
IGNOU DAFE Study Material
IGNOU DECE Study Material
IGNOU DIM Study Material
IGNOU DTS Study Material
IGNOU DPLAD Study Material

IGNOU Certificate Courses Study Material:

IGNOU ACE Study Material
IGNOU ACPDM Study Material
IGNOU CFN Study Material
IGNOU CFS Study Material
IGNOU CHCWM Study Material
IGNOU CIT Study Material
IGNOU CNCC Study Material
IGNOU COF Study Material
IGNOU CPE Study Material
IGNOU CRD Study Material
IGNOU CAFE Study Material
IGNOU CBS Study Material
IGNOU CCP Study Material
IGNOU CDM Study Material
IGNOU CES Study Material
IGNOU CETE Study Material
IGNOU CFE Study Material
IGNOU CHR Study Material
IGNOU CIG Study Material
IGNOU CIS Study Material
IGNOU CMSR Study Material
IGNOU CNM Study Material
IGNOU CPF Study Material
IGNOU CPLT Study Material
IGNOU CPVE Study Material
IGNOU CTE Study Material
IGNOU CTPM Study Material
IGNOU CTS Study Material
IGNOU CIB Study Material
IGNOU CRUL Study Material
IGNOU CLIS Study Material
IGNOU CAHT Study Material
IGNOU CHBHC Study Material
IGNOU CVAP Study Material
IGNOU CETM Study Material
IGNOU CWHM Study Material
IGNOU CIHL Study Material
IGNOU ACPSD Study Material
IGNOU CCITSK Study Material
IGNOU CNIN Study Material
IGNOU CAL Study Material
IGNOU CJL Study Material
IGNOU CPATHA Study Material
IGNOU CPAHM Study Material
IGNOU CPAKM Study Material
IGNOU CPABN Study Material
IGNOU CKLC Study Material
IGNOU ACISE Study Material
IGNOU CUL Study Material
IGNOU CTRBS Study Material
IGNOU APDF Study Material
IGNOU CCP Study Material
IGNOU CMCHN Study Material
IGNOU CLTA Study Material
IGNOU CFAID Study Material
IGNOU CSWCJS Study Material
IGNOU CFL Study Material
IGNOU CCR Study Material
IGNOU CGDA Study Material
IGNOU CGCA Study Material
IGNOU CHHA Study Material
IGNOU CPHA Study Material
IGNOU CSLC Study Material

IGNOU Study Material in Hindi:

IGNOU MCOM Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU PGDIBO Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU MAGD Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU CFL Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU MARD Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU DPVCPO Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU DVAPFV Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU CTPM Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU CAHT Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU PGDUPDL Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU MPA Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU BSc Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU COF Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU CDM Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU CTS Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU CRD Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU CAFE Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU CWHM Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU CNCC Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU CPLT Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU CHR Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU CPF Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU DWM Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU DECE Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU DNHE Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU MSW Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU BSW Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU DWED Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU MSO Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU MAH Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU MPS Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU DELED Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU PGDSLM Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU PGDT Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU MEC Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU CIG Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU BED Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU CFN Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU BA Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU DDT Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU BPP Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU CIS Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU CLTA Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU PGDRD Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU CCR Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU DIPP Study Material in Hindi
IGNOU CSWCJS Study Material in Hindi


How to Download IGNOU Study Material?

The procedure to download the study material is just as simple as you think. The candidate just needs to find your program from the list and start downloading now. It will help all students to solve their IGNOU Assignment for current and upcoming session examinations.

The benefit of IGNOU Digital Material

IGNOU has officially started the promotion of digital study material by offering a 15% Fee Discount to those students who select soft copy or digital books as a preference of IGNOU Study Material. Candidates will be getting their 15% refund of admission fees to their bank account after the selection of soft copy as an option.

Updated Frequently with New Courses

Our IGNOU team keeps working on to collect new study materials for different courses to help our students. Books and Study Material list will keep updating to provide materials of all courses to all our candidates who are studying with IGNOU University.

Most Trusted Source of IGNOU Books

This page is now trusted by the thousands of students from IGNOU University as well as other students who are preparing for their competitive, government and professional examination so the available materials also helps other students including IGNOU students.

Our team is working hard to update the IGNOU Study Material section with the new programs and revised books so keep checking this page for new uploads. Candidates can contact us if their study material is not uploaded or available in the above list. We will try to upload your requested study material as soon as possible at IGNOUHelp so that you can start preparing for your examination.

313 thoughts on “IGNOU Study Material (eGyankosh)”

  1. Dear Sir,

    I cannot see study material for PGDEMA in the above link. I want to enroll myself in July 2016 session for this course.
    Kindly advice.

      1. Sir/madam
        I am shaista parveen my enrollment number is 168342880 my (BDP)BA 2nd year july session 2018 ,bangalore meri books abhi tak nhi mili h 3 subjects ki EHI-03,EHI-04,ESO-12 please ap mujhe bta sakte h ki meri book’s kb tk milegi

          1. Hi,
            my roll no. is 191730088
            Still I have not received any study materials & no email regarding assignment.

          2. I want to admission in ma psychology. I have marksheet of graduation bt I have not degree or provisional certificate of graduation right now.
            Passing year of bachelor degree is 2019.
            How can I fill form in online.
            Without degree I can’t reach next step of payment.
            Please tell me how can take admission without degree

    1. I have enrolled for PGDIBO and opted for online books. Where do I get the online books which is provided by IGNOU?

    2. मेने cswcjs 2019 जुलाई मे एडमिशन लिया है मेरे रोल नमबर 195861437 है मुझे अपनी अघयन सामगरी नहीं मिली है

  2. Dear Sir,

    I am Madhulata Kumari, My enrolment no. 168121695, I got addmission in PGDIPR. I got study material but MIP 102 Block 2 is missed. I am living in Almora, Uttarakhand, but my Regional centre is Delhi 3,

    How to get MIP 102 bolck 2 study material. Please Sir, solve this problem, either send me soft copy of it, I’ll take print out.

    Thanking You,

    Madhulata Kumari

    1. you can download your soft copy from here,you have to just search by the course code.
      then you can easily read the soft copy or make them in hard copy as your wish.

  3. Sir/Madam,

    Firstly thank you for providing e books.
    Please upload FEG-01 FEG-02 FST-01

    Great job appreciate your efforts.

  4. Respected sir
    I am a Mlis student session july2016-17. I have a problem with Mlis practical assignment. Pls provide the solved assignment.sub code MLII 101,102,103,104.

  5. Hi madam/sir,
    Maine abhi BTS Jan 2017 me admission lia hai. Kya main regular mode me bhi dusre college me bhi padh sakta hu na? Kya issey koi problem to nahi hoga na future me? Ek sath do degree mil jayegi..ek distance aur ek regular. Pls mujhe guide kre.

    1. We have received your request for CFN English study materials and our team will be upload your books on our site as fast as possible.


  7. sir,

    The study materials list does not contain the PGDUPDL. please upload the material for PGDUPDL also

    1. Study materials of pgcae is not provided all the chapter..can you please help in this matter. Which is available in ignou e content

  8. Hello,
    I have enrolled for Certificate course CRUL. My enrollment no. is 176418007.
    Please provide soft copy of same so I could access it here in Gujarat. My study centre is RC Delhi 3 but I’m currently posted here(Kutch)

  9. I don’t see the study materials for MAWGS and I haven’t got the book too..can anyone help me out please..my assignment last date submission is on 25th September and till now I haven’t got the book.. Moreover when I went to regional centre for the book..they told me that they will send through post..but so far I haven’t received anything..

  10. Sir.
    I can’t receive any subject material for pgdt course my session is July 2017.
    Can I collect study material in study centre.

  11. Dear Sir/Ma’am,
    I have not received any study material for CIHL course and i cannot even find it uploaded here. Please send them to me on email as i need to write and submit my assignments before September 30 (less than 3 weeks from now). I took admission in the current July 2017 session for this 6 month certificate program – Certificate in International Humanitarian Law. My admission is confirmed and fee payment everything clear but it’s been over 45 days and have not received my study material yet. Please help at the earliest as it’s a 6 month program and i need to give my exam this December.

  12. Dear Sir/Ma’am,
    I have not received any study material for Certificate course in Water Harvesting Management (CWHM) Programme and is not uploaded here. . I took admission in the current July 2017 session.. ,l upload the same.

  13. IGNOU the peoples University.
    very authenticated and useful material you are providing at our disposal, is really the great job
    i think it is step to en-light the world …… with the flame of knowledge.
    i personally thanks to IGNOU (a Team work)
    IGNOU is not only open University & flexible university but also internet international university.
    thank you.
    I proud to be a student of IGNOU.

  14. Ba political sciences is not included in the list, please upload it.
    Ignou had given amazing flexibility of education. Thank you.

  15. Sir I cannot see study material of tourism . Could you give me other website for download the study material of tourism

  16. Respected Sir / Madam,
    Please upload the study material of PGDIS Sem I, & II, As i couldn’t find here.
    Please do it asap, As Term end exam is coming and i have registered for it.
    Note: I haven’t received Study material yet, So it’s very much important to have .pdf files of study material.
    As Assignments preparation and preparation for exam is totally dependent on the study materials, Even the time is running fast.

    1. Hi Pankaj,

      Did you get the study material. I also need it urgently. If you find it please send me to also on my email

    2. Hello pankaj
      I get enrolled in jan 2018 for pgdis but did not get study material yet and if you hv the .Pdf file then I need your help in this regard.
      Thanks in advance.

      1. Hello Amrendra, Pankaj,

        Could you please share if you got any online material for PGDIS course. Have you got the study material anyway, by post or soft copies? Kindly reply back if you have nay any information that helps.
        Thanks in advance.

  17. Hello, I have not received study material of MAAN Study material for MANI-1. Please help me to find out the soft copy as the classes for the same have already been started and I am facing lot of difficulties for the same.

  18. Sir I have not received my course books of PGDEMA. My enrollment number is 179743280. Kindly send the books soon.

  19. I have already paid my exam fees but I have not received study material for BLE-002 of diploma in paralegal practice (DIPP) yet.i have made enquiry with regional office Trivandrum ,Kerala and concerned study centre.The tentative date of exam as per the site is on 05/12/2017 and assignment submission last date was extended to me till November 2017 by my course co-ordinator.

    Study material required: BLE-002
    Enrollment no :176614698
    Name : Arun.S
    Exam centre 1441

    Please do the needful

    Arun S

  20. i got only two books MPSE-001 and MED-008.i need MPSE-004 in hindi.
    name:: Babita
    Enrolment no.: 161811314
    centre code: 1109
    course: MPS 2nd year
    two papers MPSE–008 and MGPE-007 are on same date 13-12-2017 .
    pls. solve this problem
    i live near govt. college una.pls. provide MPSE-004 in hindi medium.

  21. Dear sir,
    I have not received stady materials of M.Com programme and I will visit of our ignou regional centre Gauhati. So kindly request to you give me my study materials.
    AINUDDIN AHAMMED Enrollment no:177607434
    Programme: M.Com

  22. Sir I take admission in July 2016 but I miss 2nd year admission in July 2017 and take admission in January 2018 session can I eligible to give exam in July 2018 all subjects of 2nd year

  23. Sir I submitted my assignment sep 2017 bece 2,bhdf101,fhd2,bshf101,eco1,eco2 but status showing only bece2,bhdf101,bshf101,and fhd 02 not showing eco1 ,and eco 2 so what can I do

  24. I am nishchal kasliwal. From indore.I already enroll myself in PGDAST programme for upcoming session 2018 habitat. I cannot get or find any type of study material from your side.How I can contact u…I call no of times but no one recieve the call and I mail also but no ant type of help from ur side…pls help me… contact no 9993670116,kasliwalnischal@gmail.com

  25. I don’t have study metirials and no ideas what to do plz sent my study metirial in my email I’d or address.plz note my language of study metirial is Bengali.

  26. Sir
    I want to know when will be deliver my book material when I checked details on Ignou website it show that
    12 Feb 2018 still doesn’t delivery I kindly request you and i hope you understand as a student you will take action immediately and deliver books at location from BCA student third semester
    books ……..!!

  27. Dear Sir,

    We find the MAH course material, figures are not appearing in the documents when we download. Can you please help us with this.


  28. Dear sir,Mhi-10 book kab milega? Mujhe abhi tak nhi mil paya hai. Mera enrollment no. 167682396 hai. Please mujhe bheja jaye.

  29. Dear sir,
    i could not find the study materials of PGDEMA which i enrolled in January session-2018. please help me to get the study materials as soon as possible..

  30. sir,
    ESO-04 is Social Stratification(it is there in old ignou notes 2009-10 session)
    and ESO-14 is Society & Stratification

  31. Please update the study material for CSWCJS (certificate of social work in criminal justice system) also as soon as possible.. in the list it is not there ..

  32. I have not received any study material but in website study material status it shows only lot no and date 27.04.2018 and expected date of delievery is 22.05.2018 and i have not received at the date of 29.05.2018 and no bar code is there my enrollment no is 181350984 give me suggestion what can be better for me

  33. Dear sir, can you please guide me in matter of how to apply for degree, I am BCOM AF student, i have searched on the website of IGNOU but i didn’t find the same…..Can u please send the link or something??
    Thank you in advance..

  34. Please upload the study material for MSC counselling and family therapy for the 1st year . its not available anywhere and i really need it .
    Please upload for MSC CFT 1st year material . Hope it’ll be done soon
    Awaiting for a positive response.

  35. Sir, i want to enroll myself into ignou Japanese language course.. Plz help me since I an unable to find this course.. Please its urgent kindly help me sir. I shall be obliged.

  36. Sir I have applied for MBA banking and finance. I have not been issued enrolment no. What about assignment for Dec.18 exam.By what time I will get study material and registration communication at my address ? How can I get guidance from faculty during week days?

  37. Hi am Jegadeeswari!!
    I have not received the study material for PGDPPED. Pls send me the link for download of study material of PGDPPED. My enrolment no is 181519204.

  38. Sir /Madam I am a student of B.Sc food safety and quality control department of microbiology and my study material is not sufficient if you send me PDF of (Food Laws and Standards) PDF then I hopefully passed I exam

  39. I want the download link or the study package for the course MSCCFT (masters of science in counselling and family therapy). Please upload the same .

  40. I applied for blis in August 2018…I got registration number from regional center…when I checked my study material status by entering my enrollment(187721570)number….it’s showing as number not found..

  41. Sir namaskar sir m BA 1st year ka student hu Mene July 2018 Me admission leya tha or mera enrollment number 185678268 ye hai sir mere books Abhi tak nahi aai ha please help me sir give me my book sir.

  42. Namaskar sir
    My name is Atul I took admission in BTS programme in july 2018 session but I didn’t get study material
    Tell me sir how I will receive my books of BTS. Programme
    187273072 This my enrollment no
    Plz. Assist me sir. For books material
    Thank you

  43. Took admission in MA hindi in July 2018.

    Not yet received study material. Online status says .. yet to dispatch.

    Not sure when MA Hindi study material will come we can start study ?

  44. Dear
    Sir /madam
    This is rajkishor pandey here please upload
    hindi book of m.com (IBO
    I requested to you
    Thanking you
    Enrollment no -172701260

  45. Hello sir, I am Shreena Rai, and I need to prepare for my MHD 1st sem examinations. So if I can get any help from here it would be very helpful to me.

  46. hello sir
    please i need DDT diploma books in pdf format in hindi . So if I can get any help from here it would be very helpful to me.

  47. Sir I am Ignou Blis Student but . I Have not received
    My books till date. I am registered in Oct-2018 with Enrolment No. 187693012.

  48. Sir Maine july-2018 session me blis me admission li thi or Mera enrollment no 185069051 h or study materials ab TK nhi aaya h plz sir send me books material

  49. I had taken admission in diploma in food and nutrition i had not received any study material will it come by post or i have to collect it from study centre

  50. I have not yet received my EHI-01 and BPSE-212 books how will I complete my assignment
    My enrollment no. – 189018063 BA

  51. I have enrolled for MTTM program this year, 2019 session, I have been already been issued admit card for it. I require the study material details and information for the first semester. Please confirm me from where I can download it.

  52. Kindly download CFL Study Material CFL stands for Certificate of French Language. The course is of 6 months out of which 1 month is gone. Till now i have not received the study material. I have also visited Regional center and they were also not aware about the study material of CFL.

  53. sir/mam, please cfl ki books bhijwa dijiye,,jan 2019 ke session me mene apply kiya hai aur assignment ki last date 31st march hai,,aur books abi tk ni aayi hai,,please mam/sir books bhiwa dijiye ..
    it’s a humble request

  54. Please provide study material for CFL course .I had taken admission in CFL course in January 2019 and choose soft copy of material but in egyan link material for CFL course is not provided.

  55. I am a student of MSCDFSM,i enrolled 2nd yr in jan 2019.but till now i don’t get any study materials.
    But friends all ready get all books.plz help me,my practical classes also going on. My enlightenment no os-177451641

  56. It contains books which are required for descriptive questions only. May i get practical manuals for solving application questions for my assignments. If possible please let me know.

  57. Dear sir/mem,

    I request you please provide me relevant link where from can i download TS-03, TS-06, AOM, study materiel in Hindi.

  58. Sir mera programme code CSWCJS h or subject code MSW31, MSW32, MSW33L, h mujhe MSW31 ki book by post meel chuki h lekin baaki book bhi nhi meeli h, please aap jaldi se jaldi MSW32, MSW33L bheje ,

  59. I am Gaurav Roy,I have enrolled into PG Diploma course in Environment & Occupational Health.I haven’t received my study materials and my course is not mentioned in the above list as well.Kindly let me know form where I can download the course materials.

  60. Sir ,my enrollment-181809872,program-MAH, 2nd year,sub-MHI-03,MHI-8,MHI-9,MPSE03,MPSE04, please sir send me above study material immediately , plz sir.

  61. My name is Licy raj. My enrollment no is 191960454. Session 1st January 2019. Meri books avi tk mujhe nhi milli. Please provide me books

  62. Sir i am 3rd Year Student my enrollment no is 166598447 Session july 2018 meri abhi tak mujhe nahi mili hai please provide books

  63. Sir I’m shabnum shaheen student of MAAN and i’m from dec batch 2019 my enrollment no. Is 191382464…i have not received my study material yet…

  64. Is,that course material is provided only in hindi or in hindi and english both?? I
    Is there entrance for taking admission in M.Ed by ignou???

    1. I have 8 subjects and in the first year I have to attent two semesters , so I wanted to know which and how many subjects will I have to clear in the first semester of BAG?? Can anyone help me out with this??
      And what assignments I have to write??? Please answer me

  65. Dear Sir/Ma’am,

    I cannot find BA (honours) in English study materials in those materials listed above. Also, unable to find them anywhere else, uploading BAEGH course materials would be of immense help.




  67. Hi,
    Please advise if IGNOU assignments have to be submitted personally or any one can submit on student’s behalf. I am asking this question as I am not in the city and may not be able to come back by the deadline of assignment submission date.Is it possible that I complete the assignment and send it for submission through my friend?


  69. Sir/madam
    I am vishal kumar das my enrollment no. is 198444437
    Session 2019-20 bag ka student hu.
    Mujhe abhi Tak 4 subject ka books (study material) nahi
    mila hai
    Course code name – BHDLA136, BHIC132, BHDC132,
    BEGAE182 jiske liye mujhe parai Karne me aur
    assignment bharne me kathinae(problem) ka samna karna par raha hai

  70. Dear ignou,
    Mera naam Rasika Petkar hai mera program name MPA 2 nd year hai aur mera enrollment no 171807650 hai, mera admission june 2019 me hua hai, muze abhi tak books nahi mile hai, regional center se or aapke taraf se books ko le kar koi bhi reply dene ko tayar nahi hai, mai mere assignment kaise pure karu? On line books download karne ke liye Laptop ya computer lena mere jaise student ko possible nahi hai. Ya to aap student ko sahi service provide kare ya fir university band kar de, hum se itni fees le kar hamare paise or time barbad na kare.

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