IGNOU Assignments 2016-17 (For Dec 2017 Exam)

IGNOU Assignments July 2016 – January 2017 –  July 2017 – After getting admission in new cycle candidates have to download assignments for their selected programmes. Check and download current session assignments for appear in Dec 2017 TEE Exam. You can get every course assignments here. Candidates have to download each course assignments question in which they get admission and they want to appear in TEE Exam for that course. Many of the new assignments are coming for the next 2018 session.

Is it Compulsory to submit assignments?

Yes, every IGNOU candidates have to write and submit their assignments to RC within current cycle period. If any student failed to submit then he/she cannot attend Term End Exam conducted by IGNOU University. Candidates can also get helps from IGNOU Solved Assignments to prepare best assignment sheet for submitting it to centre.

Assignment Weighted and minimum marks:

Assignments have 30% weighted in each IGNOU programme so candidate can’t ignore it and they have to write best in assignments to get higher marks in result and it also increase your performance report in grade card. Without assignments your course is incomplete.

In assignments, you must get 40% marks for passing and thereafter you can fill IGNOU Exam Form to appear in TEE Examination. e.g. if assignment total marks in 100 then student have to get at least 40 marks to passed out.

Before start to write Assignments please read Instruction for IGNOU Assignments.

Just find your programme and download it on your device. Start writing each and every course assignments by your hand. No print or typing allowed in assignments.

List of all Courses with Assignments:

  1. MEC Assignments 2016-2017 (Download)
  2. MAH Assignments 2016-2017 (Download)
  3. MPS Assignments 2016-2017 (Download)
  4. MAPC Assignments 2016-2017 (Download)
  5. MPA Assignments 2016-2017 (Download)
  6. MSO Assignments 2016-2017 (Download)
  7. MLIS Assignments 2016-2017 (Download)
  8. MAAN Assignments 2016-2017 (Download)
  9. MAGPS Assignments 2016-2017 (Download)
  10. BAPC Assignments 2016-2017 (Download)
  11. BDP Assignments 2016-2017 (Download)
  12. BLIS Assignments 2016-2017 (Download)
  13. BCom Assignments 2016-2017 (Download)
  14. BCA Assignments 2016-2017 (Download)
  15. MSCCFT Assignments 2016-2017 (Download)
  16. MSW Assignments 2016-2017 (Download)
  17. MSCDFSM Assignments 2016-2017 (Download)
  18. MHD Assignments 2016-2017 (Download)
  19. MEG Assignments 2016-2017 (Download)
  20. MCom Assignments 2016-2017 (Download)
  21. MCA Assignments 2016-2017 (Download)
  22. MARD Assignments 2016-2017 (Download)
  23. MAPY Assignments 2016-2017 (Download)
  24. CBS Assignments 2016-17 (Download)
  25. CTPM Assignments 2016-17 (Download)
  26. CIT Assignments 2016-17 (Download)
  27. CUL Assignments 2016-17 (Download)
  28. CTE Assignments 2016-17 (Download)
  29. CFE Assignments 2016-17 (Download)
  30. DPLAD Assignments 2016-17 (Download)
  31. DUL Assignments 2016-17 (Download)
  32. DCE Assignments 2016-17 (Download)
  33. BBAR Assignments 2016-17 (Download)
  34. BSW Assignments 2016-17 (Download)
  35. BHM Assignments 2016-17 (Download)
  36. DVAPFV Assignments 2016-17 (Download)
  37. DWM Assignments 2016-17 (Download)
  38. PGDFCS Assignments 2016-17 (Download)
  39. MSWC Assignments 2016-17 (Download)
  40. PGDUPDL Assignments 2016-17 (Download)
  41. PGDCJ Assignments 2016-17 (Download)
  42. BSc Assignments 2017 (Download)
  43. ANC-1 Assignments 2016-17 (Download)
  44. ACC-1 Assignments 2016-17 (Download)
  45. MAGD Assignments 2016-17 (Download)
  46. MACS Assignments 2016-17 (Download)
  47. MAEDS Assignments 2017 (Download)
  48. PGDEDS Assignments 2016-17 (Download)
  49. PGCEDS Assignments 2017 (Download)
  50. DWED Assignments 2016-17 (Download)
  51. CAHT Assignments 2017 (Download)
  52. PGJMC Assignments 2016-17 (Download)
  53. PGDAPP Assignments 2016-17 (Download)
  54. PGDHE Assignments Jan-July 2016 (Download)
  55. PGDBP Assignments July 2016 (Download)
  56. PGDESD Assignments 2017 (Download)
  57. PGDFSQM Assignments July 2016 (Download)
  58. PGDET Assignments Jan-July 2016 (Download)
  59. PGDAE Assignments July 2016 (Download)
  60. PGDPSM Assignments July 2016 (Download)
  61. PGCAP Assignments Jan-July 2016 (Download)
  62. PGDAC Assignments 2017 (Download)
  63. PGDPM Assignments July 2016 (Download)
  64. PGCBHT Assignments Jan-July 2016 (Download)
  65. CPVE Assignments 2017 (Download)
  66. PGCAE Assignments 2017 (Download)
  67. PGCGI Assignments 2017 (Download)
  68. PGDSLM Assignments 2017 (Download)
  69. PGDEMA Assignments 2017 (Download)
  70. PGCCL Assignments 2017 (Download)
  71. CSWCJS Assignments 2017 (Download)
  72. CIHL Assignments 2017 (Download)
  73. CWHM Assignments 2017 (Download)
  74. CPF Assignments 2017 (Download)
  75. CHR Assignments 2017 (Download)
  76. CIG Assignments 2017 (Download)
  77. MBA Assignments 2017 (Download)
  78. PGDFMP Assignments 2017 (Download)
  79. MBA Banking & Finance  Assignments 2017 (Download)
  80. CIS Assignments 2017 (Download)
  81. CAFE Assignments 2017 (Download)
  82. DAFE Assignments 2017 (Download)
  83. DIPP Assignments 2017 (Download)
  84. DELED Assignments 2017 (Download)
  85. BCom A&F Assignment 2016-17 (Download)
  86. MCom (BP&CG) Assignment 2016-17 (Download)
  87. MCom F&T Assignment 2016-17 (Download)
  88. MCom (MA & FS) Assignment 2016-17 (Download)
  89. MEd Assignments 2017 (Download)
  90. BPP Assignment 2017 (Download)
  91. PGDAST Assignment 2017 (Download)
  92. MTM Assignment 2017 (Download)
  93. BCom F&CA Assignments (Download)
  94. CPPDPT Assignment 2017 (Download)
  95. CHCWM Assignments 2017 (Download)
  96. PGDLAN Assignments 2017 (Download)
  97. BA Assignments 2017 (Download)
  98. BTS Assignments 2017 (Download)
  99. PGDDM Assignments 2017 (Download)
  100. PGDPPED Assignments 2017 (Download)
  101. PGDSWT Assignments 2017 (Download)
  102. DNHE Assignments 2017 (Download)
  103. DNA Assignments 2017 (Download)
  104. DAQ Assignments 2017 (Download)
  105. DTG Assignments 2017 (Download)
  106. CDM Assignments 2017 (Download)
  107. MAEDU Assignments 2017 (Download)
  108. CFN Assignments 2017 (Download)
  109. CAL Assignments 2017 (Download)
  110. CRUL Assignments Jan 2017 (Download)
  111. CNCC Assignments 2017 (Download)
  112. COF Assignments 2017 (Download)
  113. CRD Assignments 2017 (Download)
  114. CTS Assignments 2017 (Download)
  115. CCR Assignments 2017 (Download)
  116. CNM Assignments 2017 (Download)
  117. CETM Assignments 2017 (Download)
  118. CCLBL Assignments 2017 (Download)
  119. ACISE Assignments 2017 (Download)
  120. CIB Assignments 2017 (Download)
  121. CHBHC Assignments 2017 (Download)
  122. PGCPP Assignments 2017 (Download)
  123. DCCN Assignments 2017 (Download)
  124. PGDIPR  Assignments 2017 (Download)
  125. DECE Assignments 2017 (Download)
  126. DTS Assignments 2017 (Download)
  127. PGDIS Assignments 2017 (Download)
  128. PGDWGS Assignments 2017 (Download)
  129. PGDRD Assignments 2017 (Download)
  130. PGDIBO Assignments 2017 (Download)
  131. DBPOFA Assignments 2017 (Download)
  132. MAWGS Assignments 2017 (Download)
  133. CCITSK Assignments 2017 (Download)
  134. B.Com (CA & A) Assignments (Download)

List is updating by our Team..Keep Checking for new updates….

Important Note: Many of the student has confusion that which assignment to submitted for Dec 2017 Term End Examination so here is the solution of it. Candidates of all programme has to submit 2016-17 session assignment to appear in Dec 2017 TEE Exam. Assignments will be same for June and Dec Examination so do not wait for frsh or new assignment. If your programme has availability of July 2017 assignment then submit fresh assignment to IGNOU Study centre rather than old.

If any student has submitted 1st year or 1st semester assignment of 2016-17 session then they can submit 2nd year or 2nd semester assignment of same session 2016-17 to IGNOU. If student have still confusion or query then they can contact to our help support team to resolve your confusions.

If your programme/course is not available at below list so you can contact us by writing your comment here or send request to our Help support team . We will upload your Assignments within 24 hours after your comment.

Above all assignments are just available with questions, so you have to solved it by help of reference books or any other materials but do not copied whole answers to assignments but read answer in material, think and re write answer in your response sheet with your own.

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  1. Hi I just want PGDAST assignments for second semester. I enrolled in the year of 2015 and gave exams for only 1 semester.

    I would appreciate if you can share the last of submission the assignments date too. Thank you so much in advance looking forward to see your response.

  2. i want to know the syllabus of ph.d in law
    detailed study material of ph.d. in law
    from where i can get this syllabus
    entrance exam date of ph.d in law of 2016

  3. Sir kindly send assignment question paper in english and hindi langauge for my subject FST of BA IIIrd year my pgme code is BDP July 2016 session.
    Thank you

  4. please tell me about mttm assignment submit last date and assignment subject name 2016 and 2017 batchplease my contact no is 7065745296

  5. I had taken online admission in Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education in September 2016. However, I did not receive the assignment booklets alongwith the study materials. The RC co-ordinator (Mumbai) asked me to download the uploaded assignments. However, I find that the same is not uploaded on IGNOU website. Moreover, I am not receiving any updated SMS alerts from IGNOU for the programme I have enrolled for.

    Kindly do the needful to enable me submit the assignments within the due date.


    1. Dear Student,

      We have collected BSc Assignments 2017 and it will be available for download at IGNOUHelp within 24 hours.

  6. Sir
    I have checked my Delhi region 1 ,they do not have Cfn assignments,rather they had asked me to download the same from net .Pls help

  7. I submitted Re-Admission fees for Pgdslm on 19 th Nov 2016 by draft at the SRD Div. Maidan Garhi. I am unsure whether i am eligible to appear for the Exam- June 2017 or not . Pl help

  8. Sir I am a student of MARD-2nd year…I cheak ignue official website assignment tab. But I did not found andassigment of 2016-17. But here I found that…
    Sir I want to know that this assignment is valid of not…and why that don’t upload assigment in official webside…

  9. Hello Sir,
    My name is Chandrashekhar Soni Enroll-170547963 and my course is PGCCL. There is no assignment of this course. Please upload it.

    with warm regard

  10. Sir
    My name is Divya chandran m v Enroll-170089379and my course is PGCCL. There is no assignment of this course. Please upload it.

  11. is Divya chandran m v Enroll-170089379and my course is MAPC There is no assignment of this course. Please upload it.

    1. hi prrasad, u can check for B.com assignments in the above list.. most of the subject are common for all the streams related to BCOM

    1. We have received your request and PGDAST Assignment for 2017 session will be uploaded by our team and made available for download within 24 hours

  12. sir, i need the assignments for MTM, and also i would like to know if i’m enrolled in july 2016 batch i need to make 2017 assignments to attempt june 2017 exam???

    1. It is already uploaded by our team and available for download. We have sent you the link for the same by our mail support.

    1. We have received your request and your CFN Assignment for current session will be upload by our team and it will be available for download within 10 hours.

    1. Your requested B.Com(CA & A) Assignments will be upload soon by our team and will be available for download within 10 hours

  13. I had Submitted my Assignment paper on 7/3/2017 at Churachandpur Study Centre 1702, But till today when I check in the Ignou webside it is still saying that Assignment not submitted. so now what will be the solution please? I had paid all the course fees also. with Enrolment no.165675180

  14. Dear sir or mam, i read in bca 2ns sem. 2016-17 so plzz send solve assignment of mcs015 of bac 2nd sem. My enroolment 166727851 .So THANKS

  15. Sir

    I have applied for BCOM 2017 (FIRST YEAR) and want to ask following.

    1. When assignment for BCOM will be uploaded on the student zone for 2017 session, or we have to collect assignment from study centre or regional centre.

    2. I have to make all 7 assignments for each subject.

    3. I Know that i have to submit them till 30 September 2017 and apply for 2nd Year and Exam Fees Online for Exam in Dec 2017.

  16. I got admission in course dfsm session january 2017.
    I haven’t submit any of my assignment yet.
    Please tell me whats the last of submitting assignment. Nd what should i do if last date is over.

  17. Dear sir,
    I’m appearing for DEC 2017 B.COM AF
    In website i downloaded 2016-17 assignments
    For DEC 2017 which assignments should I write 2016-17 assignment questions or 2017-18 assignment questions

  18. I am a student of BA1st yr in ignou July 2017 session can u Plz guide me that which session of assignment I have to submit

  19. Course code- BEGF101 , FOUNDATION COURSE IN ENGLISH Assignment is not published …. Plz publish it soon …..

  20. I’m appearing for DEC 2017 B.COM

    I guess 2016-17 downloaded assignments will not be valid for me. For DEC 2017 exam when assignments will be uploaded on ignou site.

  21. Sir if u have solved assignments of BPSE 212 . BEGE 103. EPS 7. FST 1. ……in HINDI medium..
    Its my humble request……plz send these 4 assignments as soon as possible

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